Wyoming Community Church


 church family



We do not want to put on a show for each other. When we say "come as you are" we mean it. Do not hide your burdens. None of us have it all figured out. We can walk through it together.

Our Message

Good news! Forgiveness of sins and friendship with the true and living God have been made possible for anyone who trusts in Jesus.  Those who will leave their pride behind can enter God’s kingdom through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. They can begin a brand new life in Christ filled with stability now and bright hope for the future.

Our Encouragement

All people are welcome to our church!  Man is the maker of distinctions that divide people.  When we humble ourselves to learn God’s truth in Christ, the playing field is level.  God welcomes anyone and everyone to come know Him and have a relationship with Him through Christ.

Our Approach

We are a family. Casual but respectful.  Not stuffy.  Accepting of all people.  Musical.  Serious about learning and applying the Bible to daily life.  Worship and life centered in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Invitation

Come and join us in working to build deeper relationships with one another and learning to enjoy God and make Him known.