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About Us

We believe that the Bible is the very Word of God. That it is first and foremost a glimpse into who God is, but also has much to say about who you are.

That there is one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who is infinitely holy, loving, good, wise, and almighty, who created everything out of nothing, who sustains, provides for, and rules all things, who is our Redeemer, who will judge all people. that God created humanity in His image and likeness for an intimate relationship with Him, and that Adam sinned and broke this relationship, leaving us hopeless and lost. On a heart level, we are prone to be wicked and self-seeking. The only thing that can change us is God’s love and the power of His Holy Spirit.

Jesus obeyed God perfectly, died in our place on the cross, rose again in victory over sin, death, and Satan. He wants to be your friend and give you absolute joy. The Holy Spirit has been sent to comfort, guide, and mature us. He convicts us of sin, renews us, grows us, enables us to serve, leads us to love and assures us of our salvation. that the triune God has provided a great salvation for those who put their confidence in Christ, that we can never earn heaven, but are righteous based on His perfection and His selfless sacrifice.

Baptism and communion were set up to be observed by the Church but not as a means of salvation, they are designed for believers to reflect on, remember, and proclaim who Jesus is. Jesus is coming back! He will draw those who believe to His side, judge the nations, cast the wicked into eternal punishment and will rule on the earth.

We are all about deeper relationships. We don’t want to put on a show for each other When we say "come as you are" we mean it. Do not hide your burdens!

Wyoming Community Church

Who Are We?


Good news! Forgiveness of sins and friendship with the true and living God have been made possible for anyone who trusts in Jesus.  Those who will leave their pride behind can enter God’s kingdom through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. They can begin a brand new life in Christ filled with stability now and bright hope for the future.


We are a family. Casual but respectful. Not stuffy. Accepting of all people. Musical. Serious about learning and applying the Bible to daily life. Worship and life centered in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


All people are welcome to our church! Man is the maker of distinctions that divide people. When we humble ourselves to learn God’s truth in Christ, the playing field is level. God welcomes anyone and everyone to come know Him and have a relationship with Him through Christ.


Come and join us in working to build deeper relationships with one another and learning to enjoy God and make Him known.

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